Photographer Bert Stern Dies

Original article – ELLA ALEXANDER (28 JUNE 2013)

Photo credit – Google—photographer-remembered–obituary

Another terrible loss within the art world as much beloved Bert Stern dies at the age of 83. Said to have passed away in his house in Manhattan on Wednesday this week. Stern was blessed to have taken photographs of the iconic Marilyn Monroe in his time before her death. He was a great photographer and brought with it his style and finesse when photographing his subjects. My thoughts go out to his family and to his long term friend Shannah Laumeister who confirmed his death.

Alongside photographing Monroe, he had the opportunity to work with stars such as, Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor. So it is safe to say his work will definitely live on within the art world!

His work to me personally is something I have adored for a long time. The first of the collection below is of one my favourites by him. I had a version used as my iPhone background. But artistically, its visuals and colours and almost summer time ethereal gaze really is so beautiful. I want to bring that simpleness back into fashion. Fashion today needs to be dipped back into era, when the body was the body and it was about the art and the designs. The first thing I noticed about old fashion shots is the artistic approach, the visuals, colours and design. Nowadays the first thing I noticed in a photograph or down a runway are the skeletal bones supporting the fabric which is the second thing I noticed. I’m not sure what brought this on within the art world but I hope one day I can help make a change.

A small collection gathered online via google of his work


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