Have You Heard About The New Kate Moss?

Original article – ELLA ALEXANDER (28 JUNE 2013)
Photo credit – Rex Features

Well she definitely looks very similar to Kate Moss! Meet Natalie Morris an up and coming new model and definitely one to watch.

She has made her début with some acting roles and the attraction she has received for her looks but will she be able to get herself a name in the fashion world.

Fans have speculated that she will never be as good as Kate Moss, but come on, of course she wont be Kate Moss because she is a different person.

Natalie’s a new model and needs time to show her personality. As an artist I understand how important (to yourself) it is to want to create something iconic that is your work and for Natalie I’ll imagine its much the same.

She needs time to get herself known and being compared to Kate Moss who has been one of the ‘it’ girls for a very long time in the art world it must be very flattering but also very scary for her, but best wishes she becomes known for Natalie Morris and not Moss’s double.


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