My University Graduation Day In London

Looking back at yesterdays photos and remembering what just happened, I graduated that is what!! What a day!

I felt very smart and got a few comments saying was I graduating from this university or Oxford. It was great felt like Chuck Bass!

At first I wont lie, I wasn’t too thrilled. The day I finished university was the day I handed in my last project, I was done and did not want to look back. I do not want to moan about it because that gets me nowhere! It was very hard, final project, money and living conditions. I got through and always looking forward. However I made some GREAT friends who I will forever stay in contact with. I had good times too!

The last year I grew up so much, knowing where I want to head to in the world and with my art and those supportive people with me too. So going back to something uni related, at first like I said, I wasn’t too excited. However once the robes were on, and we had our tickets and sitting in the hall it was something I am glad I attended. An almost Harry Potter ambience seeing the robes, and heads of the education system sitting before us with their elegant coloured robes and hats. I wont ramble on as I would rather keep this a light but long post! So enjoy some photos!

Thomas & GeorgieHere above is my one of my best friends Georgie, doesn’t she look so good! She made a stylishly late appearance to the registering section before the hall ceremony!

Walking On StageHere is me walking across the stage. My mum as she was trigger happy that day!

Some more of my friends, family and the day
View from the top of the balcony My mother and myself Myself and my fatherThomas Benjamin Cooper Sarah and myself Ming and myself Thomas Benjamin Cooper Looking up at the seats in the hall Myself and Nay taking a fun shot

Afterwards myself and my mum and dad took off after I’d said goodbye to friends, to Bella Italia for a meal and especially a drink! It was delicious food, I had the calamari starter and then a prawn pasta, my mum had a fish dish and my dad a meatball pasta dish. Good food deserves to be appreciated in a photo, it was lovely, the service and the evening. It was a lovely day and when we eventually got back home to the country we were all very tired.
Calamari and my large glass of wine My prawn pasta meal Mums starter of prawns My mothers meal of fish and potatoes and vegetables My dads meatball pasta dish Little desert because I was so full from my starter and main

I love London, its a beacon for me because its so different to where I live its exciting and each day something different can happen, whereas the countryside its often rare when something exciting happens. The photo of me looking over the balcony and over to the river I was thinking to myself,

‘One day Tommy, you will have a view this nice from your apartment in the city and you will make it big and share your creativity to others in the world.’

I am now working hard and learning new skills. I have my blog and still designing, those people who want to see me succeed are always going to be close to me, as well as some of the friends I’ve made during uni who like me want to do well and supporting each other is something that makes us all great friends.

Before I wrap this lengthy post and chapter of my life up, I would just like to say that I feel similar to Ugly Betty the character, her character had it tough and she works hard and eventually makes it big within the story. Almost kindred spirits I feel not to mention its my favourite television series (sad it was rather short)! I want to make it big and prove to those who have put me down that I am great and at times got to me but never defeated me. But apart from that I want to make myself proud and I have become more confident and proud in myself during this new chapter in my life.

Many thanks to anyone that took the time to read this. Feel free to leave a comment with any questions.

-Thomas Benjamin Cooper

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