Cut With Love – Original & Personalised Paper Cut Artwork & Greeting Cards

Katie Beeson is an artist to watch!!
Photos credit: Katie Beeson

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The lovely Katie Beeson is a UK artist and she has set up herself a home business creating beautiful personalised artwork & greeting cards.

This lady who I have known for a good amount of years since we used to work together in a local craft store, is such a lovely and creative person. Always created new styles for the shop we worked in and drew many customers in to her styles of card making that were on show.

She also for her wedding which I thoroughly enjoyed helped give it her artistic touch. She is a great person and a good friend, so writing this post to see if I can help her get some more attention. I hope I can help you!

So if you are into card making and enjoy buying handmade, original and personalised cards/artwork for your loved ones you should definitely follow the link to her Facebook page where you can see her up and coming designs and order via her email on the page. Go and check it out!

Please use the link above and feel free to leave her some comments, she is a friendly person and I’m sure she would appreciate any kind words. Feel free to reblog my post. Many thanks for reading!



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