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Original article – ELLA ALEXANDER
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It’s ALEXA CHUNG everyone!!

Alexa Chung has many pre-ordering her début book entitled It. The book itself focusses mainly on her favourite things and musings. Almost like an inspiration wall many students I know had during uni, I myself included! One day I would like to be able to do the same sort of thing, a book of my favourite pieces. Things that helped me during my journey.

Since I’ve moved into a more fashion related career, I’ve heard stories of Alexa Chung and seen some of the numerous and nasty comments people make to her. Nobody is perfect and being in the public eye anything you do is noted, it would not surprise me if half of the people who comment have done something bad, litter, being rude to another member of the public or even avoiding bills/tax. People just make me wonder why really. – One hate page.

Enough of the negative, I love Alexa, she is beautiful and clearly loves the arts. To me she is hipster, known for her indie style hence why others follower her style. I look forward to getting her book come September. Keep doing what you are doing Alexa you have some good supporters behind you. To read the original article click the link above!

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