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ImageCycling… Is my new hobby! Since I have mentioned that I had done an animation course, the hours put into such a course doesn’t give you a lot of free time to exercise. In my case because I was struggling with the course any free time I was working. Because of this I felt very unhealthy, I used to exercise and enjoy working out. So out of uni I decided to get fitter, cycling was the answer, because of where I live in the country I am able to go up and down all these country lanes and hills and after I’m done I feel so good inside. At best I go for a long ride once a day, if not two rides if I’m feeling determined!

ImageI’ve been cycling now for just under two weeks and I’ve already lost some weight and gained some muscle. I feel great, wonderful even! It also gives me the chance to spot an interesting areas in which I can photograph and upload here. I really love it! Because I’m getting into it, I plan to get some more cycling equipment, some new lights, some cycling shorts/cycling bib and maybe a bell for steep country corners. Not to mention some of my own cycling shades, I can’t even tell you how many bugs I’ve eaten the past two weeks! I mean if that’s the case who needs protein shakes!!

ImageI’ve noticed that there are cliques, my friend told me that motorbike riders are usually friendly to other motorbike riders, same goes for cyclists, I usually get waved hello by other cyclists. I found it not only nice but quite comical, it is just a shame for pedestrians when all you get is barged past!!

With all my cycling and before I began this craze, there was this one hill near a village I used to go to primary school in that has the loveliest views over looking the fields and other villages. I spoke to a neighbour and she said she enjoyed taking her car up the lanes past ‘the view’ just so she could see it! Its wonderful the sunsets there, I envy the few house owners that get to enjoy this almost every evening. There is something about ‘the view’ spot, its calming. Whenever I was really stressed years ago I would ride up and go and enjoy the view and afterwards I felt so much better. The views are noted in the pictures above.

I have been taking some beautiful shots that I shall upload in some future posts!

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