It’s Official: Britain Invented Luxury Menswear

Original article by: ELLA ALEXANDER – 12th June 2013
Picture credit: FirstVIEW

ImageI really love this article, it gives me patriotic pride to be a proud of my British roots! A majority of my friends were dipped in so much different heritage I felt so plain compared to them. I have not yet looked into my past in great detail, but I feel I’m as British as they come. That could all change mind you when I look at my family tree. But now though I’m proud to be part of the British nation, especially since this style of clothing is what I would wear every day regarding I had the funds!!

I’ve always conducted myself in a well dressed manner, only times when I’m helping at my gran’s farm house in the country or chilling at home I would wear basketball shorts and a tank top vest. During my times out though I’ve always enjoyed putting in the extra effort to present myself with a smartly dressed approach, I assume this is due to my love of fashion and especially men’s fashion. A normal day for me, would be smart casual, whatever my daily task, such as catching the train, going to university or buying groceries. I would wear chinos, preferably a shirt, or t-shirt but then with a sweater on the top, my brown leather belt with my brown leather shoes (that I actually find in shops such as TK MAXX).


On that note I enjoy vintage shoes and during my time at university once I started wearing certain clothes noticed other students clanging their dress code. Apart from my brown leather shoes, chinos and shirt combo, I bought an ASOS baseball jersey, which I started wearing my second year, I saw no other jersey elsewhere in university. I come back for my third year and the university student union has produced their own logo baseball jersey’s and then everywhere everyone had one on. I don’t know if I started that little trend but seeing HOW it happened it did make me wonder slightly.

On a sad note my shoes pictured are no longer wearable without damaging more the toe of the sole. I want to get them replaced identically if I am able to find a place that is able to do that sort of thing for me.

Back to the article above, I really love the whole gentlemen style for men. A mixture of classy, cultured and charming springs to mind and I want to one day be able to enjoy this heritage hopefully being able to wear this sort of apparel to my work in the future.

I think Britain will continue to be known for its men’s luxury menswear and will continue to be on top.


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