Georgina Labban

ImageI’m moImagest probably going to be smacked for uploading this! But this is one of my closest friend’s final project for photography. She has done very well with her final marks and produced these beautiful shots. She was like me and had trouble with teachers liking what she wanted to do concept wise. She is very talented and enjoys photography but her real passion is costume design. Like me she loves fashion and we both enjoyed talking about it whilst we drank our morning cups of tea, or in her case, hot chocolate! (She would get through tubs of this weekly!!) She has been my friend since the beginning of university. We had both chosen this course called ‘Arts and Media’, this course allowing you to filter for 2 years in other courses and gain experience in multiple fields, then for your final year spend the year setting up a plan for a gallery you might open regarding that was your dream after finishing the course. Initially it was interesting and sounded like a beautiful course, however it was rather disappointing and I moved during the start of my second year to animation and she her third year, to photography.

We both want to move towards a more fashion related career, Georgie would make these beautiful and complex costumes that wowed the other students during student union nights! Her dream is to open a high end costume design outlook for parties, with detailed and of course, quality costumes. None of those party shop costume versions! We both want to take some crash courses within fashion textiles for sewing and learning about materials. We shall continue to support each other with our dreams!

I thought it would be nice to write a post dedicated to a very good and dear friend, someone who is and hopefully will always be there for many more years to come! She is very fun as you can see from the face she pulled in the second photo! Also has been very supportive to where I would like to head into career wise and always encouraging me to push myself more! Many thanks to her! She isn’t the only really good friend I’ve met at university so I shall be posting about a few more of them!

Thank you for reading!


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