Cutting Grass & Cutting Hair

Good afternoon all,

I’ve just come back from gardening for my grandmother. Rather warm weather today but managed to get everything all done. Her farm includes a lot of grass, and the public footpaths (pictured left) we have kept tidy for years for everyone to enjoy. Image

Since I’ve now finished university and decided during my third year that fashion is something I do want to go into for Christmas 2012 I asked for a sewing machine, so that when the time came I cold learn the basics and start practising creating some designs. I’m really happy that soon I shall be able to get on with this as my main priority is finding a full time job, something that includes talking to customers, I’m really good at customer service! For now I’ve applied to some random jobs to get some money saved until I pass my driving test! Once that’s done look for something more long-term that I’ll enjoy. Aiming for Waitrose as I love shopping there and its just a wonderful store.

ImageReally looking forward to collecting material, heading to local villages and towns and then off to London to the fabric areas. Going to be making a sort of fashion bible for myself with tips and snippets of fabric, along with some how to pages so that I have it all in one place whether I need a recap! I’ve also wanted to make a huge recipe bible too because I love cooking so that shall be something I shall be doing when I’ve got the funds and at the moment time!

Very busy at the moment but able to still update my blog which I am loving doing too. I’m having all kinds of ideas of places to visit. I’m having a lot of fun, meeting some new people and watching my blog grow which is a good thing. I’ll make sure I keep this going as I’m determined to do so! I’m now getting ready to catch a bus to my hair appointment which I’ve been looking forward too! My hair stylist is such a great person always lovely to catch up with her and talk! Not to mention she cuts my hair perfectly!

Thanks for reading, what have everyone else been up too today? Any interesting tales? Comment below!


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