Lana Del Rey – Video Games

I’m aware this video has come out a long time ago, but this was my first and also my favourite song of Lana’s, I found her on YouTube early before she was known by most people. There was something different and I said to myself she will go far and do great things! She is such a talented artist.

Personally I feel she had inspired heavily, the whole vintage timely filtered look we all use on our photos and video, for fashion she created the current mixture of timely vintage with a modern twist hipster style. She brought back a whole generation of music and art. Her vision is all inspired by this past twisted style and for that I thank her. I would not be where I am today without her input to the creative world.

Her music is all unique and so different. Each piece is a story, a timeless memory. Her music is so touching that it has made me cry. She has made it far after being told she was not good enough. She is a strong female too which I admire hugely as a male. A beautiful and haunting visionary artist that really went for her dreams and got them. I do hope one day I am able to reach my dreams.

Thank you for viewing!


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