Digital Fashion Illustration

ImageHello guys!

I’ve been learning how to colour digitally using a painting program called ‘Paint Tool Sai’. A great bit of kit that allows the user to draw and create using similar tools to that of Photoshop.

This illustration I had done previously during my third year of University for my project. I originally used inks to create the hair and used a pencil and black fine line pen to do the lines. I’m very happy I’ve managed to create a digital version and found a way to get an ink effect. I am not the strongest with the program and still learning the ropes! However practice makes perfect and I kept going until I got this result. I would love to be a fashion illustrator, or designer! Going to keep working on my portfolio and make it one day!

The font I used on the image is from and its called Thinnyness

Thanks for viewing!


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