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Hello, I’m Thomas, a (very) youthful 22 year old British guy who lives in the countryside in the south of England. People often call me either Tom or Cooper, personally I do not mind, what ever takes your fancy! Because of my current location there is not much to do once you leave my house. Thankfully I am able to get lost online and find other people who share creative interests. Don’t get me wrong I love the countryside, it’s just growing up here, you dream of more excitement much like a day out in London. Hopefully my future lies within London or New York.

Starting a blog, a semi personal/interests one. Will be posting about personal art pieces, snapshots of my day, any interesting articles, interesting blogs, recipes and fashion for both men and women.

I’m a post-graduate and after studying animation realised I did not want to continue after I had finished uni. My real enjoyment is fashion and I spent my third year drawing a huge amount of fashion illustration which I tried to incorporate into my final project. One of my teachers who works in a top London college for art told me to not do animation. Go towards fashion she said and it was the best piece of advice I could have received. She was the greatest person I had met in university and gave me that final push for me to say to myself, I am confident, I’m going to make it and I am a strong artist. Without this lady I would have been lost still.

I’m a mixed artist and have dabbed within many creative fields. My absolute favourites include:


You could say I like them all, but these are the exact topics I wish to include within this blog. Fashion however I am practically new at so I shall be learning how to use a sewing machine, and learning about fabrics and techniques. Hopefully going to some masters classes in the near future!


A Little bit of personal info:

As I had said above, I am British country kid, grown up around horses, wild flower fields and chickens. I thoroughly enjoy my heritage. I am the oldest child within my family and the first to finish and graduate University. I’m currently 22 years of age, looking more like a 17 year old. I would say I’m quite unique, I’ve a lot of different interests, I enjoy watching TV series, (in fact pretty much get lost in them!) drinking a variety of tea’s, playing video games, drawings, designing, enjoying the extensive dvd collection I own. Even my music taste is so broad, from Jazz to Indie to Rock. I am helpful and polite, good manners, love to meet new people, great to talk too!

My dream is too either work with the big heads of the fashion world, either designing with them or to own my own brand and open up a shop, I would also like to set up an organisation to help other people like myself who’ve either got big ideas and are starting out new. Featuring these up and coming artists who do not have the financial help to get themselves out there right this moment. They would include illustrators, photographers, designers, singers and so on.

For those who’ve read this, thank you very much for taking your time to do so. I hope I wont disappoint and look forward to meeting some new people!


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